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The "Hangar"

A truly unique place to have an event

Every September for over 30 years the Missouri Wing has held its annual Hangar Dance within a hangar built during WWII by the Department of the Navy. In that same time period other have had their weddings, receptions, fund raising and company reunions in that same hangar.

Why not schedule your next evenyt in a true piece of history. Contact us today to find availability and rates.


History of Smartt Field

After Pearl Harbor the number of cadets being trained kept increasing so the Navy purchased several hundred acres of land in St. Charles County near where the Illinois River enters the Mississippi River. This became an auxiliary landing field for the cadets to practice takeoffs and landings. The airport was called Smartt Field after Ensign Joseph Gillespie Smartt, a Naval Aviator, who started his flight training at NRAB St. Louis and was cited for bravery when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Ensign Smartt was assigned to VP-11 at Kaneohe,
Hawaii where he later gave the ultimate sacrifice.

When the United States entered the war and student training was greatly expanded, a large hexagon shaped blacktop area was added with a pair of runways every 60 degrees so you were never more than 30 degrees out of the wind direction. This same shape and design was used in hundreds of primary training fields (Navy and Army Air Corps) around the country. A large hangar and aircraft workshop was added and later, barracks and mess halls. Today you can see some remnants of the old blacktop but the hangar is the only one of the buildings remaining.

Today this WWII hangar serves as a home to a few of those early aircraft that pilots who were trained here later flew when they were graduated to basic and advanced training. While the hangar houses many historic aircraft, it is also used for our "Annual Hangar Dance" every September.


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